Eassos Partitionguru Pro

By | 08.03.2019
Eassos Partitionguru Pro

Last modified: February 16, Summary: Recover precious files, configure partitions and backup data with PartitionGuru.
eassos partitionguru pro

Eassos PartitionGuru Pro 4.9.3 Incl Crack + Portable

Eassos Partitionguru Pro

Last modified: February 16, Summary: Recover precious files, configure partitions and backup data with PartitionGuru. A highly reliable, steadfast software with a simple interface and easy to use features that make it perfect for computer users of any background.

More Details What every frequent computer user requires is a highly reliable and strong software that efficiently manages your hard disk partitions and effectively recovers lost data. Today we check out PartitionGuru, developed by Eassos, where its main feature is to diligently restore files that have decided to take a never ending vacation.

We appreciated that PartitionGuru includes a red warning during installation in case you needed to recover files from that particular partition example below. We are sure many users would benefit from this reminder. After we launch the program, we are presented with all information about our particular drive s that the program can detect.

So good so far! File Recovery We plugged in our USB that has been formatted a few times over the past year and tested out the file recovery process. The recovery files is in progress. To us it only took a few minutes but it is dependent on the size of the drive being scanned.

We were seriously impressed that the software managed to recover images from ! We can preview particular files if we want to check if we need to recover it including streaming a movie. Create Partition We also tested out creating a New Partition feature by highlighting our drive and selecting the New Partition icon.

In the Resize Partition dialog box, we configure how large we want the partition to be if we do not like the default size the program has chosen. If you are deciding to go to bed or away from your computer while the partition is being sorted, you can select what happens when the process is finished i. Power Off, Hibernate. We are prompted if we want to execute the following operation. Another prompt asking us that the progam needs to Run under DOS system so Windows needs to be rebooted.

We make sure to save all necessary open documents and ensure the computer is ready to be partitioned. After logging back into Windows, we find our new Local Disk D: Support Eassos are by no means on the superficial side when it comes to their level of Customer Service. Final Thoughts PartitionGuru is a multi faceted exemplary software that carries out its processes effortlessly.

We noticed that the partition manager uses our disk capacity to its full extent. The consistent prompts while performing operations does help people who are more on the inexperienced side when it comes to computers.

For example, PartitionGuru Professional enables users to restore large files instead of only small ones as on the free version , supports GPT discs greater than 2TB in size and enables users to configure virtual disks.

Furthermore, it comes with a lifetime guarantee of updates and support from the developers.

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Eassos PartitionGuru is a basic partition manager with a particular focus though, it may also be worth considering PartitionGuru Professional. “Partition manager and data recovery software”. Overview. Eassos PartitionGuru Pro is the paid version of this partition manager. The software can provide. Eassos PartitionGuru Pro break is a great response for everyone who needs to recover their PC’s Data, recover their portion organization, and besides.

Eassos PartitionGuru Pro With Crack

Internal functions with data, such as creating, copying, deleting folders, etc. It supports copying partitions. Providing three backup methods: It has support for Linux Logical Level Management.

Key Features

Add write support for EXT4 file system. Support resizing the EXT4 partition.

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Eassos PartitionGuru Pro offers an all-in-one solution for data recovery and disk management. Eassos PartitionGuru Pro allows users to recover deleted files. Eassos PartitionGuru Professional is a software program developed by Eassos Co. The setup package generally installs about 18 files and is usually about. PartitionGuru Pro – Fast downloads of the latest free software! PartitionGuru Pro is an all-in-one solution for data recovery, partition management and May 10, Author: Eassos 4ravind.me MD5 Checksum.

Eassos Partitionguru Pro

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