Fxpansion Bfd Eco Data V1 1 5

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Fxpansion Bfd Eco Data V1 1 5

Transcription 1 2 Contents 4 Ch. As a standalone application 4 2. As an instrument plugin within a host 4 BFD Eco s interface 6 1: The stereo ambience provides the actual sound of the drums within a room, offering a natural alternative to artificial reverb effects.
fxpansion bfd eco data v1 1 5

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Fxpansion Bfd Eco Data V1 1 5

Transcription 1 2 Contents 4 Ch. As a standalone application 4 2. As an instrument plugin within a host 4 BFD Eco s interface 6 1: The stereo ambience provides the actual sound of the drums within a room, offering a natural alternative to artificial reverb effects. More detail about the architecture of BFD Eco s sounds can be found in chapter 2.

Launching BFD Eco 1. Once you start the application, you may need to set up its audio and MIDI settings. See chapter 11 for details on making these settings. See your host documentation for details on this subject, or see chapter 11 for a guide to launching BFD Eco in most major hosts. Switch between the pages using the 3 page buttons at the top-left of the BFD Eco interface. Kit page Mixer Mixer section 4: You can also perform a number of routing and parallel processing functions.

The kit-piece channels are also slots in which to load kit-pieces double-click on the channel image or right-click on the channel and use the Load kit-piece function. This displays the kit-piece browser for loading a kit-piece into the slot. Kit page section 4: You can also click on kit-pieces here in order to preview them. Channel page chapter 5 The Channel page features controls specific to each channel in the mixer. The controls for the currently selected channel are shown.

Kit-piece channels: Controls for changing the sound and response of a kit-piece tuning, damping and more. Ambience channels: Controls for changing the stereo width and distance of the ambience mics. All channels: EQ and 2 assignable FX slots.

Channel page 4 5 Grooves page chapter 6 The Grooves engine is located in this page, allowing you to play back a library of professionally-produced drum patterns that trigger BFD Eco s sounds internally. Options Help menu menu Main preset pickers Grooves page Global controls Other interface items and panels As well as the 3 main pages, BFD Eco also contains the following additional controls and panels: See chapter 3 for more details.

Global controls chapter 7 A number of global controls are always visible on the interface. The Help menu, meanwhile, features links to the manual, FAQs, support form and so on. See chapter 3 for more detailed information about the various preset types.

Double-click on any Preset in the browser listing to load it! Loading a kit Click on the kit picker drop-down you can either click on any kit shown in the menu, or click on Load Double-click on any kit in the listing to load it. This results in loading the kit a new configuration of kit-pieces with adjustments like tuning and damping and so on. The state of the mixer and the Grooves page is unchanged.

Loading a kit-piece To load an individual kit-piece such as a snare, double-click on the Snare channel image to open the kit-piece browser. You can also right-click anywhere on the Snare channel and click on Load Kit-piece. Double-click on any snare in the listing in order to load it. The new snare replaces the previous snare. Additional adjustments like tuning and damping are unchanged.

Section 1: Click on a Groove in the Groove page s browser to hear it through the currently loaded sounds. MIDI note numbers are also shown. Note that this list corresponds to -2 octave numbering the lowest octave is numbered as octave Kit-piece Kit-pieces are individual drums, cymbals, hihats or other instruments within a kit. They are each made up of one or more articulations, which represent an individual way of playing the kit-piece.

Articulations The available articulations vary for each type of kit-piece. Here is a summary of possible articulations in BFD Eco. Please note that some kitpieces do not contain all possible articulations. When toms and cymbals are loaded into the Perc1, Perc2 or Perc3 channels, only the first 2 articulations are available Hit and Alt for toms; Hit and Bell for cymbals.

Each articulation is a folder of numbered audio files, called velocity layers. These are recordings of the instrument being struck at varying levels of intensity, from very light to very heavy, arranged across the MIDI velocity range from 0 to Choke articulations A choke is a special kind of articulation which does not produce any sound instead, triggering a kit-piece s choke stops any other articulations from the same kit-piece that are currently playing.

This feature is useful for choking a cymbal tail early, for example a drummer would stop the cymbal by grabbing it. Note that if you play a kit-piece articulation while another from the same kit-piece is still playing, the new articulation chokes the previous articulation. In most situations, this occurs gently. However, if you play a closed hihat articulation while an open articulation is still playing, the open sound is choked immediately, reflecting the behaviour of a real hihat.

These channels are recordings from several sets of microphones. Real drum recording situations commonly use multiple mic setups in order to capture a variety of different aspects of how the kit sounds within a room.

A kit-piece may sound very different depending on mic placement. Snares sound very different when mic d from above rather than from below a mic placed on top captures the pop of the skin being struck, while the crunch and sizzle of the wire-mesh snare is captured underneath. Meanwhile, mics inside kick drums tend to pick up the snap or click of the beater strike this mic is sometimes placed on the beater side.

The main thud and low-end power is captured by a mic outside the kick drum on the side furthest from the drummer. Drum recording situations also make use of stereo sets of mics to capture the kit as it sounds as a whole within a space. They capture the projection of the kit and its reflections within the room. BFD Eco features the signals from two sets of these mics, called ambience channels. Individual directional close mics on various parts of the kit, known as direct channels in BFD Eco, sound very dry in comparison.

Room Stereo room mic set All kit-pieces feature a stereo Room ambience channel. The amount of each kit-piece in the Room channel can be varied with the Send Room control in the Channel page. Bleed and Direct channels Bleed between mics is a phenomenon that always occurs when recording drums with discrete direct mics for each part of the kit. A dedicated mic for one part of the kit always picks up some sound from other parts of the kit. It is possible to control the level of bleed in relevant mic channels with the Bleed control at the bottomleft of the interface.

Whether you use bleed or not is up to you and your personal preference. It is recommended to use bleed if you want a realistic sound, as bleed always occurs in a multi-mic drum recording. However, if you want to go beyond notions of realism and achieve ideal separation for processing each kit-piece discretely, then turn down the level of the bleed to zero. Ambience channels stereo The ambience channels allow you to approach mixing in BFD Eco in the same way as an actual recording of a drummer playing a kit.

Because each instrument is played individually, its ambience channels are discrete. However, since this would simply mean too many channels to conveniently mix, the discrete channels are mixed down to 2 ambience channel buses for the OverHead and Room mic positions. However, you can adjust the amount of each kit-piece in the ambience channels, using its Send OH and Send Room controls. All audio data is loaded in 16 bit quality with a maximum of 24 velocity layers.

Note the capitalization whenever the manual refers to Presets. Presets also store preference settings that override BFD Eco s default preference settings.

Kits A kit stores the configuration of kit-pieces that form a kit, along with settings for the kit-piece s inspector controls located on the left side of the Channel page. Loading Kit-pieces Kit-pieces without any additional settings, as opposed to kit-piece presets see below do not feature pickers like the main preset types.

Instead, they are loaded in either of the following ways: Double-click on a kit-piece channel image Right-click or CTRL-click on Mac on a kit-piece channel and use the Load Kitpiece function in the Channel context menu that appears 3: Kit-piece presets A kit-piece preset stores the entire contents of a kit-piece channel the kit-piece contained within the channel, its mixer settings and its Channel page settings including all inspector, EQ and FX slot settings.

The kit-piece preset picker is above the large kit-piece image on the Channel page, when a kit-piece channel is selected. See section 5: The key map picker is located in the Key Map panel, accessed via the Options menu. See chapter 8 for more details. Opens the preset browser see section 3: Opens an OS file Save As dialog, allowing you to save current settings as a preset.

Clears the contents of BFD Eco relevant to the preset type: Preset picker: Enabling any of these buttons locks the relevant parts of BFD Eco, so that they remain unaffected when you Load Click a preset in the listing to select it, and click the Load button to load it. You can also double-click any preset in order to load it. To exit the browser without loading a preset, click the Cancel button.

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BFD Eco is a streamlined, fun and affordable software instrument for acoustic drums based on the award-winning BFD2 engine. Supplied with a selection of the. Just installed the upgrade. Still shows Make sure you installed the samples. . and the data path is listed in the Eco Data Paths.. if not.. add the path. Rail. Image . About BFD Eco shows “v build 11 bit”. Kit pieces. BFD Eco – Now Available BFD Eco v upgrade available · 1 · 2 · 3 Is Missing Zildjian Crash from Eco Contained In New Eco- kit data?.

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Fxpansion Bfd Eco Data V1 1 5

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