Ircam Trax

By | 20.05.2019
Ircam Trax

That is, apart from one thing. Most algorithmic reverbs generate their reverberation in two stages: This third stage is called Cluster.
ircam trax

Flux IRCAM Tools

Ircam Trax

That is, apart from one thing. Most algorithmic reverbs generate their reverberation in two stages: This third stage is called Cluster. Like the early reflections, it is made up of distinct echoes; however, these are fed not directly from the source but from the early reflections.

There are also various global controls, such as an overall Reverb Time parameter, which in turn scales the timing of each individual stage.

Early reflections and the Cluster have Distribution parameters, which determine whether the echoes are equally spaced or bunched towards one end. For example, there doesn’t seem to be any independent control over the levels of the three stages. Nor is it possible to change the shape of the virtual space, or choose different reverb algorithms for different types of space: The emphasis, clearly, is on simulating real spaces, and this Verb does to stunning effect.

At the other end of the scale, meanwhile, halls feel remarkably rich and luxurious. By using the modifier keys, it’s possible not only to reposition the sources but to adjust the direction in which they are ‘firing’, both horizontally and vertically, and the tightness of the pattern in which they radiate.

Each source can be made to fire into any one of the three reverb engines available. Many psychoacoustic effects have serious drawbacks, such as working much better on headphones than on loudspeakers, but Spat is truly remarkable. Most of the time there was no problem, but just occasionally, CPU load seemed to leap massively for no obvious reason.

Shame, because Spat’s realism really shines when you can feel the sources moving around you. After this, Trax can decompose the input, in real time, into three main elements: When you do ask Trax Transformer to change things, subtle transformations are usually more natural than radical ones.

However, the Remix section, where you recombine the three components of the signal, offers some interesting possibilities: Transparent and useful results are possible within reason, but may take work. It would certainly be possible, for example, to apply different settings to multiple takes of the same vocal part to mimick an ensemble of different singers; and even with absurdly sweeping changes, there are occasional moments of serendipity.

For example, by pushing the Breath control up to maximum, you can turn almost anything into an interesting rhythmic loop, while muting the transients adds instant spaciness to any source.

The Spectral Envelope really comes into its own on instrumental sources, too, producing all manner of weird and wonderful transformations. Lastly, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Trax Transformer is an interesting tool for processing full mixes. But be prepared to put in some work. Nor, if I’m honest, did my saxaccordion have me reaching for the sampler, and while I’ve always wanted to combine the clarinet and the Clavinet, the results didn’t quite do it for me.

Whereas the appeal of Spat is instant and lasting! Hearing Things Like many innovative effects, Spat and Trax Transformer are perhaps easier to understand when you hear them than when you read about them! Trax Transformer is capable both of subtly changing the character of the human voice and creating weird and wonderful effects. More presets and better documentation would be welcome.


TRAX v3- The Next Generation Voice and Sonic Processing Tools. [ AU 32 & 64 bit | VST 32 & 64 bit | AAX Native 32 & 64 bit* ]. A suite of no less than three. Looking for SPAT, VERB and TRAX? Verb Session. Algorithmic Reverberation Processor. HEar. Binaural Encoding Tool. Flux:: Sound and Picture Development . IRCAM – Trax alongside Spat and Verb which form a suite of plug-ins called IRCAM Tools, though this review will focus primarily on Trax as it.

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However, the most recent producer I’d been working with moved to Dubai a few years ago but is now based in Scotland and, over Christmas of , I decided to see if I could do it all myself with some basic home recording. Almost accidentally, I ended up using Ableton Live 10 and, as you can probably imagine, have been on a steep learning curve over the past few months trying to work out how to put a song together. I’m linking here to a new song I’ve recorded in Ableton Live called ‘How Much Love’, which is a song with a female vocal, and I thought it might be interesting for anyone who is considering the use of Flux’s Ircam Trax v3 for voice gender transformation.


In case the camera is at a distance from the PC and is not easy to get at, there surely are ways to turn the camera on or off. It determines the contrast that may be captured with a graphic, and then automatically sets the correct exposure bracketing.


You’d expect plug‑ins based on IRCAM’s research to be unique and experimental — but are they practical tools you’ll want to use every day in the studio?. Flux Ircam Tools v WIN Size Mb. IRCAM Studio. A creative toolbox with studio effects based on the result of over twenty years of research at . Flux and IRCAM join forces for this innovative audio transformation tool.

Ircam Trax

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