Maschine 2 Software

By | 15.11.2019
Maschine 2 Software

Strum notes, pitchbend sounds, or bring complex textures with Perform FX. In Pad mode, drum in beats or lightly brush sounds on the 16 ultra-responsive pads. Switch to Keyboard mode and play like a piano.
maschine 2 software


Maschine 2 Software

Whether you want it as a stand-alone system or expansion tool, Maschine Studio has something to offer to your musical goals. Native Instruments Maschine Studio Communication: Now Ships with: Many dedicated and multi-function buttons streamline the workflow.

Onboard sampling. High-res WAV audio export. The Bad: Color customization is software-only. Traktor effects not available within Maschine. The Bottom Line: Maschine Studio can stand on its own as a powerful platform for quickly sketching out ideas or even for complete tracks, or it integrates seamlessly as a fully compatible plug-in. Although it lacks full audio recording, it has capable onboard sampling, and the expanded controller justifies its cost with workflow optimization.

With the Maschine 2. With its near-total reworking for version 2, Maschine has a new audio engine, interface, mixer and Mix view, unlimited sound Groups which work similarly to tracks in a DAW , unlimited effects, improved sampling, improved macro controls, improved plug-in hosting, new instruments and effects, and a pretty killer 8 GB sound library.

While Maschine 2 has great sampling abilities, it lacks multi-track recording. The displays can show you truncated versions of almost everything shown in the software, as well as work as a supplementary display for the software. A multi-function level knob and level meter occupies the top-right corner, and very handy Edit section with multi-function jog wheel sits in the lower-right corner. The Maschine Studio can rest flat on a surface with four hefty rubber feet holding it in place, or you can use the two collapsible but sturdy legs to prop up the controller at a nice angle for working.

As a result, you can refine your working style as you use Maschine. The Maschine workflow for composing music works in somewhat of a hierarchy: Autoload lets you scroll through sounds quickly and audition them for a part of a pattern. The hardware Browse button brings up the browser on the Maschine Studio, and you can do all your sound searching, auditioning, and loading from there.

Maschine uses its 16 excellent velocity-sensitive drums pads for much more than just inputting notes. The 8 pad function buttons to the left of the pads play a huge role.

For instance, to record a pattern for a Group, you can first hold down the Pattern button, and the drum pads will illuminate to show how many patterns there are, and which one is active. Select an unlit pad to create a new Pattern. Then you can use the Play and Rec transport controls to begin recording.

You have a number of options for recording, like using the metronome, or using a count-off for live recording. Or you can just use the Step Mode button, which turns on the step recorder, where the 16 drum pads represent 16 recording steps. You can set the pads to any note range you wants, all from the hardware, of course. Maschine 2 also include automation lanes. While recording a pattern, Maschine loops back within the selected loop area for overdubbed recording until you stop.

To record automation for a parameter, like a filter on a synth, press and hold the Auto button, make your adjustments, and then release Auto. You can see the results underneath the Pattern edit window. Automation lanes in Maschine 2. Every instrument, sound, and effect in Maschine, the Control area between the Pattern and Scene areas lays out all the available controls in groups of 8 at a time.

If you use a third-party plug-in as an instrument or effect, you can either view and control the plug-in in its own software window, or the Control area maps out all of the editable controls onto Maschine knobs for you.

Maschine 2 hosts external plug-ins. You can add plug-ins at the Sound, Group, or Master level. Maschine 2 provides 24 effects plug-ins—a comprehensive variety including a new Plate Reverb and Compressor. Maschine also includes the Komplete Selection group of instrument plug-ins, including the essential Massive synth, the Prism modal synth, and Scarbee Mark 1 electric piano. In addition to those, the Maschine Library includes hundreds of drum kits in most conceivable electronic and hip-hop styles, and hundreds of instruments comprising the gamut of synthetic and acoustic instruments, although heavy on the various types of synth basses, leads and pads.

The Drumsynths are plug-in instrument options for kick, snare, hi-hat, tom and percussion. They give you several sound types for each drum sound, and flexible synthesis options for shaping them, such as tuning, decay, and others that vary for each type, like Skin Tune, Noise and Specta controls. They are all full, professional NI quality. Maschine has a very capable software sampling feature, with which you can record, edit, slice up and map samples all from the Maschine Studio controller.

You can also record samples of any length, meaning that you could use Maschine to record full vocal tracks if you really wanted to. After recording, you can edit start and end points, slice the sample and assign slices across the drum pads. You could compose an entire arrangement within the software and then export the audio.

The software exports WAV files at , , or bit and You can export whole sequences of Scenes or individual patters to import into another software. Or you can of course use Maschine as a plug-in in a host program and incorporate it that way. You can create more complex arrangements of your patterns entirely on Maschine Studio hardware. Hold Scene and use the pads to select or create a new Scene. Then you can populate the Scenes with one Pattern per group.

Hold Pattern and use the drum pads to choose an available Pattern to add to the Scene. You can easily change Scene lengths from the hardware as well. Due to the size of Maschine Studio, NI seems to think it is specifically a studio instrument, rather than a gigging controller.

NI just updated Traktor to 2. If you have any addictions or a lack of free time, picking up a Studio could be hazardous to your lifestyle, simply because it is highly addictive, and it makes music creation very fast, and more fun than most other leisure activities. When compared to other Maschine units, Maschine Studio does come at a premium. Maschine does have a bit of a learning curve. From the first Patterns you record, to the finishing mixing and arranging of Scenes, Maschine Studio will jumpstart your process and have you pumping out your musical ideas as record speed.


MASCHINE 2 SOFTWARE Download the software and updates via Native Access. DOWNLOAD MASCHINE MIDI PRESETS FOR EXTERNAL DEVICES. The MASCHINE update is free to all MASCHINE 2 customers . Current MASCHINE 2 software owners can update for free – get the most from the. Fast, intuitive, and fun way to create and perform tracks and beats; Integrated hardware / software system includes sampler, arranger, mixer, FX, and a built-in.

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Whether you want it as a stand-alone system or expansion tool, Maschine Studio has something to offer to your musical goals. Native Instruments Maschine Studio Communication: Now Ships with: Many dedicated and multi-function buttons streamline the workflow. Onboard sampling.


This update introduces Ideas View — a new view for mixing and matching patterns independent of the timeline. Try out new beats, vamps, and fills. Audition melodies and alternate elements to find combinations you like.

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You will find detailed instructions on setting up the MASCHINE 2 soft- and hardware bundle and the KOMPLETE SELECT package on our website. In order to create the necessary preset database, the MASCHINE 2 software should be launched once in standalone mode prior to being used as a plug-in. Hey, so I just upgraded to Maschine 2 and it’s not finding any of my vst’s. Is there a certain place I need to put my VST’s in for maschine 2 or anything I’m.

Maschine 2 Software

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