Monitor Overclocking Software

By | 26.06.2019
Monitor Overclocking Software

Did you guys record the size and thickness of the different thermal pads over all the VRMs and All this, and monitor overclocking is rarely — if ever — advertised or discussed. Most monitors can overclock slightly, but due to having scalers they generally won’t get above 80Hz; it is fairly common to achieve 96Hz on the QNIX displays with thanks to their exclusion of a scaler.
monitor overclocking software

How to overclock your monitor to a higher refresh rate

Monitor Overclocking Software

If you are running ivy bridge or bay trail or older, sorry: Your best option is to try these workarounds which have not been independently confirmed. This post by jaug describes a method to launch intel’s custom resolution tool on driver version , which is the last version available for ivy bridge generation graphics.

This method does not work on Windows 8. This video on Youtube: Pk0i2XJZQ7w uses some tricks to show custom refresh rates in the user interface, but it’s unclear whether this method actually overclocks the display or just changes the numbers on the screen. On some drivers, you may still be able to overclock external monitors via CRU source , not tested though.

To overclock your internal monitor, Install the appropriate driver above If the. Download ToastyX’s Custom resolution utility CRU the built-in intel tool will tell you ‘maximum bandwidth exceeded’ if you try to use it on an internal display https: More detailed instructions: Windows will select that first option listed when it boots, so you want to be sure it works.

If this pixel clock exceeds the limit of your display interface, your setting wont show up in Windows after a reboot. Note that you can change monitor timing presets or even make manual adjustments to timings.

Doing this can help with stability. Be sure to change those timings. If you are stuck and want to push for a higher overclock, consider copying and using your laptop screen’s default timings grab them from the default entry in the list , or try switching the timings to the “LCD-Reduced” preset that CRU provides. If your display overclock is not stable screen glitching, etc be sure to rule out whether it was caused by too high a refresh rate, or by timings you accidentally changed earlier.

Again, be sure to not exceed the pixel clock of your display interface or your custom settings wont show up after a reboot. Helpful tip If you have adjusted monitor timings during your overclocking, please note that your modified timings may not necessarily be stable. If you continue to use those timings while decreasing the refresh rate, previously stable refresh rates may start to appear unstable. To avoid this, make notes of the settings you have tried.

If you get a ‘maximum bandwidth exceeded’ error, your requested pixel clock was too high. To lower the pixel clock, use the CVT-Reduced timing presets, make your own custom timings, or reduce the refresh rate. You can also use intel’s tool to add true custom resolutions For example if you have a 4K display and connect over HDMI 1. However, with these drivers you can add p60 and get a resolution boost over p Don’t forget to check for artifacts and dropped frames.

Windows can behave weirdly when multiple monitors are active – to get your frameskipping checking tools to work properly, close your laptop lid to temporarily disable the laptop display.

Unfortunately, there is no way to see in Windows what version of eDP your laptop is using. HDMI 1. There is no way to avoid these limits, a pixel clock patcher does not exist for the intel graphics driver. The only way to decrease pixel clock requirements is to decrease display timings or to lower the refresh rate.

See this image from above for info about manually adjusting timings A lower pixel clock may enable you to overclock higher For example, if you choose ‘LCD reduced’ in CRU then the timings will be automatically adjusted to reduce the pixel clock requirement for a given refresh rate.

If settings were previously not showing up due to a too-high pixel clock, then choosing reduced timings may at least allow you to try a faster overclock. For other users, choosing ‘LCD reduced’ timings improved overclockability I was able to hit hz easily using the default timings that CRU provides, but tweaks based on my laptop panel’s default timings which were different from CRU’s defaults allowed me to reach hz while remaining under the eDP MHz pixel clock limit.

To manually find stable timings, just play around with all the timing values. To not waste time, I recommend finding the highest stable overclock without manual timing adjustments first, then trying manual adjustments to squeeze out the extra hz if you’re so inclined. Testing for dropped frames with a camera: Use either tool linked above. The process will look like the images below. Remember to take multiple photos to be sure that your overclock passes Results Spoiler: The complete absence of frameskipping and artifacting could not be verified for all of these reports.

External Monitors Success: Maleko48 Laptop Internal Displays Success: Dell venue 11 pro ‘s p 60hz panel SDC4C48, win 8. Alienware 17R2 PSM-A Panel “The system seems to over-write any resolution I plug in. Dell Acer G? Asus GLVE Clevo WSS Asus Rog GJZ Asus NJK Clevo PHP6 Alienware AW 17R4 HP Pavillion abtx Dell Inspiron Gigabyte Aero 15 Clevo PSM Dell Inspiron XXX Acer Aspire R3 Alienware 15 R1 Gigabyte aero 15 v7 Acer Nitro 5 Surface Laptop i5 4GB Gigabyte aero 15x v8 If you’ve ever wanted a higher refresh rate on your laptop or intel based desktop without discrete GPU , here you go – and it’s free.

If you try this, please post your results. Since overclocking monitors on the intel GPU was not possible until recently, the data is limited. If you can, please post your results even if not impressive to help the community. If in doubt, refer to the list of tested drivers at the beginning of this post. If your driver is correct but your custom settings aren’t showing up in windows, this is why. Reboot the computer after changing settings in CRU, you wont see your new settings without rebooting.

CRU is not intended for this purpose. Intel’s graphics driver can downscale but this functionality is not available to the user. Just use those included tools. CRU thread. I have a laptop with an intel CPU that either has switchable graphics or no discrete graphics at all, how can I do this? Your displays are running off the intel GPU, so follow the directions above. How can I test my monitor OC for stability? Look for any glitches. Sometimes only specific combinations of colors in certain areas of the display will cause glitching.

The pattern of artifacting can vary from random lines to areas of faded color. Check for frameskipping. Use RefreshRateMultitool: Take multiple pictures of the tool running and check for any skipped frames. Skipped frames add judder to the image so you may want to reduce your overclock until the skipping is gone. In that case you would have an effective 60hz display but with half the input lag [each update is 8ms instead of 16ms] which would be useful for twitchy games.

This is more of a hypothetical possibility rather than something that actually happens. Why is my overclock so low? Luck of the draw. Since display overclocking on intel GPUs was not possible until now, there is little data on which laptop displays overclock well. Please post your results to help the community if you can. My display overclock is stable but my mouse cursor looks like it’s skipping frames! This is known as mouse microstuttering: It’s normal. See this image link for an example. Some gaming mouse drivers let you raise the polling rate, which helps reduce this effect.

If you can notice the difference in smoothness and input lag, sure.

How To Overclock Your Monitor to a Higher Refresh Rate

WARNING: OVERCLOCK at your own risk Compatibility: Windows Since the monitor is overclocked using software and not hardware. Creating and maintaining software is a lot of work, and I have provided . Either don’t overclock the video card’s memory, or use the “LCD. All this, and monitor overclocking is rarely — if ever — advertised or ensure that the overclock is valid, check for frame skipping with this tool by.

PSA: You can now overclock your laptop monitor [intel/intel+optimus]

If you are running ivy bridge or bay trail or older, sorry: Your best option is to try these workarounds which have not been independently confirmed. This post by jaug describes a method to launch intel’s custom resolution tool on driver version , which is the last version available for ivy bridge generation graphics.

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I made an easy video tutorial here, cough self promotion where you can find an easy tutorial of how to overclock your monitor and get a % increase in. Learn how to Overclock a Monitor for optimal refresh rate and It will require additional software and the steps can vary depending on whether. We’re here to walk through everything you need to know about how to overclock your monitor to make sure you do it safely and effectively.

Monitor Overclocking Software

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