Torrent Plus Free Download

By | 13.07.2019
Torrent Plus Free Download

Choose the best free torrent client for fast, easy, secure downloads Shares Image credit: Shtutterstock A free torrent client can be a game-changer, making downloads faster and more secure. Gone are the days when torrents were associated solely with piracy, and if you want to take advantage of the fast download speeds that torrenting offers, you’re going to need the right software.
torrent plus free download

uTorrent Plus 3.4.2 Download

Torrent Plus Free Download

Try Torrent RT and you won’t be disappointed! Powered by the highly optimized MonoTorrent library it supports all protocols you would expect from a modern BitTorrent client. It can max your network bandwidth without draining all battery juices and making your tablet unresponsive.

Torrent RT has a clean interface, and requires virtually no setup. Just select a folder to put your downloads and you are ready to go. To start download, just open a torrent file or click a magnet link, and download will start right away.

To install Torrent RT on your device just go to Windows Store, enter “Torrent RT” in a search bar, and follow store instructions to install application. Or you can just click http: We got a lot of feedback regarding quality for search, and that some search providers are broken pretty often.

This should not be a problem anymore! Please let us know if your favorite is still missing and we’ll add it as well. We fixed long broken search providers and improved app speed. To celebrate this we issued an update for Windows 10 and Windows 8.

We plan to add more Therefore search won’t work for these providers anymore. Sorry for inconvenience. If your language is missing or machine translated and you are willing to help translating it, please send us an email. It also remove ads and makes application functionally equivalent to Torrent RT. The reason is that we had to migrate application to Windows 10 infrastructure due to some bugs with background mode.

Besides for Windows 10 we have access to more capabilities, like opening download folder in Windows Explorer. But unfortunately Microsoft does not support F for Windows 10 apps, and our search logic is coded in F. We could migrate that code to C , but that is a lot of work. Besides Microsoft is officially committed to support F , hope this will happen soon: As soon as F become available for Windows 10, we’ll add all providers back.

And we also plan to add more providers and do combined search. Sorry for bad experience, hope we’ll be able to fix it soon. We didn’t optimize it for Mobile platform yet, and therefore we removed it from Mobile listings. Sorry if you have downloaded or purchased it already. On the bright side, we plan to make it available for Mobile eventually. Now applications are fully optimized for Windows 10, and issues with background download are resolved.

We are working on solution, now and release fix as soon as possible. Release has multiple bugfixes and stability improvements. The app is free and supports multiple search on multiple torrent trackers. More trackers are coming. It looks like it works, but torrent might stay in Metadata mode forever, and even when switched to Downloading state speed might not be the best. We have fix for this issue and going to release it soon.

Meanwhile please don’t use torrentz search provider. In this release we completely changed the way we do search. We not only added few more popular search providers for your convenience, but also improved quality and made sure that search works in all countries now.

Our goal is to make Torrent RT the only app you need to work with torrents. We plan to add more search providers in following releases, so if your favorite one is missing, please let us know. In fact paid version or Torrent RT is number 3 in Windows Store under category tools, and free version is in top 10 and have been here for about a year. Thank you our loyal users for choosing Torrent RT. More good stuff is coming, we promise. In this release we added download queue support, decreased time necessary for Torrent RT to load torrents.

Se bucura! Some people complained about slow download speeds. And indeed we identified few edge cases when Torrent RT could not find enough peers in order to provide good download speed.

This should not be an issue anymore, as we added multi torrent tracker support. Starting from this release Torrent RT would query all trackers defined in torrent file in order to discover as many peers as possible.

You can even check how many peers each tracker reports to Torrent RT on a Trackers page. Enjoy blazingly fast download speeds with Torrent RT!!! It has fix for missing background download feature. Besides that thanks to Gian Luca Boccaletti we have official Italian translation now!!! Issue is already localized and we are going to release an update within few next days.

In this release we increased maximum download speed for low power ARM devices like Surface RT, added Share torrent feature and fixed bunch of small issues. One year ago first version was published in Windows Store.

Happy Birthday Torrent RT. Enjoy watching MKV movies while download is still in progress!!! We also fixed an issue with disappearing search button, if you had issues with this feature before, it should not bother you after update. Thanks for using our application. We are working hard to address issues, and please be sure that more interesting features are coming!!! Finally everything is fixed now, and all features are back on. Once again, sorry for inconvenience this has caused.

We learned lesson the hard way, and it should never happen again. We will send fix to Microsoft for certification soon. Once again, sorry for inconvenience it has caused. Hope you’ll enjoy improved performance of Torrent RT now!!! We resent fixed package for certification, fix should be out soon.

We fixed some memory leaks bugs, and added encryption support. Hope applications will be certified soon. One year ago Surface RT was still missing BitTorrent client and it seemed that nobody was interested to create one. Our small team decided that this should change, and we started experimenting with BitTorrent protocol. It was not clear at that time if it is feasible to implement BitTorrent client using limited WinRT API, or even if Microsoft would allow it to go through certification process.

Luckily for us, it worked out, and now world has Torrent RT. Added new experimental feature – ability to stream video and audio files while download is still in progress. For now, mp3 and mp4 files can be streamed just fine, we plan to support more protocols in next releases.

Also added native support for Windows 8. Such a huge milestone, thanks a lot for using our application. Please be sure that we are committed to do quality product. We are working hard to improve our application, and add new features. Please stay tuned, and once again thanks for using Torrent RT!!! You can download updated version in Windows Store. Following issues were fixed: Hope you’ll enjoy it! And finally it is there!!! Paid version of Torrent RT can run in background now!!!

Please keep your touch cover open to prevent tablet from going into sleep. Even more, Torrent RT is integrated into Windows search infrastructure and you can initiate torrents search without explicitly running application. Few other useful features are added including ability to change background picture. More countries will be added soon. You can download it from Windows Store here: Now you can download files selectively, and set priority to your downloads.

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Torrent RT Free, free and safe download. Torrent RT Free latest version: A great Windows RT/8 tablet app for downloaders. The Torrent RT FREE app is for. Download uTorrent Plus and uTorrent Plus includes simple conversion and secure remote access to files, something lacking in the basic free software. Download uTorrent Plus. Protects devices from viruses located in torrents. ✓ Virus Free.

µTorrent Portable

Fortunately, there’s uTorrent Plus, a Peer to peer application that can protect you against viruses you might get from downloading. It has an integrated multimedia player where you can directly play files while the task is still in progress. Another cool feature of uTorrent Plus is that it also serves as a video format converter.


Try Torrent RT and you won’t be disappointed! Powered by the highly optimized MonoTorrent library it supports all protocols you would expect from a modern BitTorrent client.

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Download BitTorrent for Windows now from Softonic: % safe and virus free. More than downloads this month. Download BitTorrent latest version. BitTorrent Free. A simple Download from anywhere with BitTorrent Remote. Have a torrent you want to download, but you’re away from your home computer?. The best free torrent client will help you find the torrents you want, Torrenting is ideal for those occasions when you need to download There are two flavours: the stripped-back Vuze Leap, and the fully fledged Vuze Plus.

Torrent Plus Free Download

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