Unsubscribe Avast Cleanup Premium

By | 01.06.2019
Unsubscribe Avast Cleanup Premium

Quote from: I entered my credit card information together with my email adress. At this point I should mention I did not receive an email confirming my order. I then tried deactivating the auto renewal cancellation. I opened Cleanup Premium, went to Subscription then clicked on the View my account link.
unsubscribe avast cleanup premium

How to Cancel (Turn Off, Stop) & Refund Avast Auto-Renewal Billing Subscription (Recurring Payment)

Unsubscribe Avast Cleanup Premium

Avast CleanUp Premium for PCs claims to boost the PC speed, free up disk space by removing bloatware and junk files, and solve small issues. Discounts apply if Avast CleanUp Premium tool is purchased for multiple users with system licenses or longer-term basis. Avast also offers users a free trial of the product, however, it does not include any repairs.

Test Results Scanning performance Once installed, we have performed a full system scan. The first impression was great, as the software did not impact system performances. The tool scans the computer each time when it is used, but it is worth to mention that the scans are quick.

The full scan took about three minutes. Repairs As you are probably aware, the device can get real slow due to bloatware and junk files that include trial versions of the applications, unwanted toolbars, preinstalled software and other files that take up space and can cause performance issues. Avast free trial does not include repair feature, so users can delete the issues manually.

Once upgraded, Avast repairs the issues for you by removing bloatware with a cloud-based reputation system. Users can choose what files to delete, and what files are useful for them, even if they may seem harmful for your PC.

In addition, Avast offers quarantine function for those, who are afraid to uninstall some programs. If you feel that you might have deleted too much, Avast offers Undo option and allows the amending of certain actions made within the program. Avast CleanUp Premium also cleans trances and temporary data from over 25 browsers, detects and remover unwanted browser extensions, plugins, and toolbars; cleans the disk from installer files, cache, temporary system files, and old backups.

Features Avast CleanUp Premium includes a variety of useful features: Shortcut Cleaner detects and removes inactive shortcuts from the desktop and history lists.

Disk Cleaner detects and removes leftover files from Windows and more than popular applications. Registry Cleaner removes trash files from the Windows registry and fixes issues. Browser Cleaner detects and removes leftover browsing traces and cookies. Bloatware Removal detects and removes third-party trials, ads, and unwanted toolbars. However, some more features, such as scheduled scans or the ability to scan only certain files and folder would be appreciated.

The support page includes FAQs, tutorials, knowledge base, subscription and purchase information, and technical issues. Users can also get help by contacting Avast or get advice from Avast Forum. User interface Avast CleanUp Premium is very easy to use and understand. The program, just like any other Avast software looks modern and is well-designed, as all the features are quickly accessible.

The interface is very informative, users can check statistics and reports. The final verdict Avast CleanUp Premium is a great tool for those who look for a lightweight software to improve their computer.

The scans are quick and do not consume many system resources. The repair section is also very flexible. In addition, we were impressed with the ability to put background processes to sleep in order to run the device faster and smoother. Avast products.

How to cancel Avast subscription via the Avast customer portal:

Hi, I tried to cancel the auto-renewal under my licences but was unable to because “Sorry we are unable to cancel at this moment” or something. Hi Team, Can you please cancel my free trial to Avast Cleanup Premium? As this was a purchase for my sister, the email address used was. Follow the steps below to cancel the continuous subscription enabled for your To disable a continuous Avast subscription, refer to the relevant article below.

Solved: Must contact Avast antivirus people, make sure they don’t reinstall Avast.

Related posts: It is important to simply cancel the avast auto-renewal so that you can eliminate the auto debit and check for the other antivirus and other plans too. Here you can completely learn about hot to cancel the Auto avast renewal in avast and even apply and get the refund if you have been auto debited. How to cancel Avast Subscription There are basically three major ways by which you can easily and anytime cancel the avast auto-renewal subscription.

Restrictions and Limitations

You can disable or cancel your Avast Subscription using either of the following platforms: Avast customer portal:

Watch: how to cancel my avast premium cleanup auto subscription

I had Avast Internet Security for about 3 years. Recently, I had a Log in to your online account and cancel the automatic renewal. Then get in. Hello, I decided to try the 60 days free trial for Cleanup Premium today. I entered my credit card information together with my email adress. Follow the steps below to cancel the continuous subscription enabled for your To disable a continuous Avast subscription, refer to the relevant article below.

Unsubscribe Avast Cleanup Premium

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