Windows 8 1 Phone Latest Update

By | 09.11.2019
Windows 8 1 Phone Latest Update

History[ edit ] Windows Phone 8. Although Microsoft had originally planned to release WP8. These updates are delivered with corresponding firmware updates for the specific devices.
windows 8 1 phone latest update

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Windows 8 1 Phone Latest Update

History[ edit ] Windows Phone 8. Although Microsoft had originally planned to release WP8. These updates are delivered with corresponding firmware updates for the specific devices. The updates included GDR2 Lumia Amber , which introduced features such as “Data Sense”, [14] and GDR3 Lumia Black , which brought support for quad-core processors , p high-definition screens of up to six inches, the addition of a “Driving Mode,” and extra rows of live tiles for larger ” phablet ” devices.

The final shipping code was released to registered users of the “Preview for Developers” program on April 14, , [4] and to the general public in subsequent months, the actual release date being determined by the devices’ wireless carriers and accompanied with firmware updates, including Lumia Cyan. The program was intended for developers and enthusiasts to gain immediate access to OS updates as they become available from Microsoft, bypassing wireless carriers and OEMs who test changes before including device-specific firmware updates.

Features[ edit ] Windows Phone 8. Microsoft Cortana Cortana on Windows Phone 8. The Cortana name derives from the Halo video game series, which is a Microsoft franchise exclusive to Xbox and Windows. Cortana’s features include being able to set reminders, recognize natural voice without the user having to input a predefined series of commands and answer questions using information from Bing like current weather and traffic conditions, sports scores, and biographies.

Cortana also uses a special feature called a “Notebook”, where it will automatically gather information about and interests of the user based on usage and allow the user to input additional personal information, such as quiet hours and close friends who are allowed to get through to the user during these quiet hours.

Users can also delete information from the “Notebook” if they deem it undesirable for Cortana to know. The new features may include more “easter egg” replies, improvements in UI and better voice modulations. Internet Explorer Mobile Windows Phone 8. IE11 carries over many of its desktop counterpart’s improvements, which include support for WebGL , normal mapping, InPrivate mode, Reading mode, and the ability to swipe left or right to navigate to a previous webpage and back.

The updated browser also includes a new HTML5 video web player with support for inline playback and closed captions, [22] Windows 8 -style website live tiles, and the ability to save passwords. Furthermore, users can now open an unlimited number of tabs, instead of the previous maximum of 6.

Applications built for WP8. The Windows Phone Store now also updates apps automatically. It also adds the option to update applications when on Wi-Fi only.

Developers will also be able to build “universal apps” for both Windows Phone 8. App collections, which were previously visible in a different page, are now fully featured on the front column of the Store. There is also no more distinction between Games and other apps; both now show up in the app list, although categories for apps and games such as “most popular games” or “most popular apps” are still separated.

App ratings have been designed to match those of Windows 8. App screenshots now no longer have their own page, but can instead can be viewed at the bottom of the app description page. Furthermore, the Windows Phone Store now includes a “My Apps” section under the three-dot menu which allows users to re-install any app they have purchased previously. In addition, the “Background Tasks” page, which allows a user to stop or allow an individual app from running in the background, has been moved from the Settings menu to Battery Saver.

In addition to just being able to stop a background task from running, users can now set profiles which will prevent certain apps from running only if the battery level is below a designated percentage. It also helps to share your own Wi-Fi credentials with your friends and contacts, but without the security compromise i. The calendar further adds support for syncing Google Calendars with your Windows Phone. Local Scout, which has been removed from Windows Phone 8. The map also shows nearby WiFi-hotspots, if any available, in your location.

Clicking on the group will reveal individual call details such as the time and date the call was made. A button has been added next to each caller which allows unidentified callers to be added to a user’s contact list or brings up information on an existing contact. In addition to a large photo of the contact, text with the user’s name and phone number now appear at the top of the screen instead of directly above the dialer.

Skype calls can also be directly initiated from Cortana. Notably, Xbox Video now has built-in support for video streaming. Furthermore, built-in support for streaming through DLNA to monitors and television screens, referred to by Microsoft as PlayTo, [33] is also included, as well as the ability to mirror display from a phone to a separate screen. Media editing tools have also been refined: Microsoft currently provides bi-weekly updates i.

Pressing the back button now suspends an app in the multitasking view instead of closing it. Microsoft has also added the ability for users to skin live tiles with a background image. Each individual app within the folder can still appear as a Live Tile, and opening the folder simply expands it on the Start Screen so the user can rearrange and open apps. When users click on a Facebook post, for example, they are instantly redirected to the Facebook app, instead of being allowed to like or comment on that post in the “Me” hub itself, a feature available in previous versions of Windows Phone.

The Me hub’s notification center for social networks has also been removed, as this feature is now integrated into Windows Phone 8. Other changes to the messaging app include the ability to select multiple text messages for forwarding or deletion. Action Center Windows Phone 8. The new notifications area’s design allows the user to for example change wireless networks, turn Bluetooth and Airplane Mode on or off, and access “Driving Mode” from four customisable boxes at the top of the screen, while beneath these four horizontally placed boxes include recent text messages and social integration.

As the user swipes, the keyboard generates space automatically for the next word to be entered. File system[ edit ] Windows Phone 8. As a result of this change, multiple file explorer apps have been released on the Windows Phone Store since the operating system’s debut.

Microsoft released its own file explorer app on May 30, Users are also presented with multiple options when a Windows Phone 8. Enterprise improvements[ edit ] Windows Phone 8. Apps Corner is a kiosk mode that allows users to restrict usage to a select group of applications and boot straight into a specific app.

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Windows Phone was first rumored to be Windows Phone Blue, a series of Although Microsoft had originally planned to release WP in late , general distribution of the new operating system was pushed back until early The updates included GDR2 (Lumia Amber), which introduced. “New features heading to Windows Phone 7: Multi-tasking, IE9, . “Microsoft reveals Update 1/GDR1 for Windows Phone , due next week. Microsoft is ending support of Windows 10 Mobile devices on December 10th. longer receive key security updates, and Microsoft is recommending people is the last release of Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft will end support on Microsoft previously ended Windows Phone support on July 11th.

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April 2, 2: Terms of use.

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Microsoft has released a new version of its Windows Phone operating system. Here’s how windows-phonejpg Josh Miller/ The fastest way to get the Windows Phone update is to become a developer. At last after a long wait, from today Microsoft has started rolling out Windows 10 The current list of Windows Phone devices that can upgrade to Windows 10 the upgrade, if an update is required before you can install the upgrade, or if your phone can’t be upgraded. . October 24, at PM. After ending mainstream support for Windows Phone a year ago, Microsoft Windows Phone 8.x handsets will no longer get app updates after July 1, Before that happens, Microsoft will also stop accepting new app.

Windows 8 1 Phone Latest Update

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